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NOTICE: Crow's is merging with Random Lengths in April 2019 to create a new lumber and wood panels price and news service.

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The fastest and most powerful way to track North American softwood lumber and wood panel prices and market trends.

Crow’s Market & Price Service is a comprehensive lumber and panel market and pricing service.

It gives you prices, market reports and news updates on the North American wood products markets – helping you make more accurate market decisions and ensure you’re getting the best price. The service includes Crow’s Weekly Market Report and Crow’s Lumber & Panel News Service.

What you will see in Crow’s Weekly Market Report:

Objective, reliable market prices (producer-to-wholesale) reported weekly. Covering hundreds of region, species and product-based prices.

Crow’s Price Watch – a powerful online tool that allows you to easily analyze price trends, instantly see which prices are up or down and by how much, and download price histories for over 1500 prices.

  • Detailed market reports for all species and products. Designed to provide customers a quick but accurate understanding of each week’s market, these news stories add depth and color to price reporting by filling in critical details about market movements. The reports are based on interviews with hundreds of market participants each week.
  • Insightful commentary on trends and issues affecting the markets. Crow’s Weekly Market Report includes market commentary on topics such as: Housing demand indicators, Price trends, Earnings, The impact of public policy, Trends in supply, Imports and exports.
  • Crow’s key market indicators:
    • Framing lumber and structural panels market indices
    • The Crow’s House Residential Framing Index

Publication frequency: 50 times per year

What you will see in Crow’s Lumber & Panel News Service:

  • Housing: reports on home sales, interest rates and other factors impacting demand for lumber and panels.
  • Corporate news: mergers and acquisitions, corporate strategy, financial results.
  • Government and public policy, including the latest on the US-Canadian Softwood Lumber Agreement.
  • Production & capacity, including the latest on shutdowns, startups and labor issues that affect markets.

Publication frequency: daily (Monday through Friday)

Why Crow’s Weekly Market Report is the fastest and most powerful way to track North American lumber and wood panel prices and market trends:

  • Best value for the money on the market. No other softwood lumber pricing service provides market forecasting, a daily news service, midweek price updates, and an online price analyzing tool all as part of one subscription and accessible from one website.
  • Crow’s is the longest-running price reporting publication in the North American lumber and panel industry (more than 85 years)
  • The unique perspective provided by Crow’s Market & Price Service comes from editors who not only cover wood products markets, but have actually worked as traders in those markets. In fact – Crow’s editors have a combined 60 years of industry experience!

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