European Pellet Supply and Cost Analysis

A detailed market analysis of North American and European suppliers to European industrial and heating pellet markets.

As the European wood pellet market shifts from an emerging contract-based industry towards a true commodity market, the competitiveness of various supply regions is of growing importance.

Click here to watch a webinar from Seth Walker, Fastmarkets RISI Bioenergy Economist and author of the European Pellet Supply and Cost Analysis.

Comparing costs across regions allows for strategic planning and risk assessment for pellet producers, pellet buyers, industry suppliers, landowners, financial institutions and woodfiber competitors.

Fastmarkets RISI’s first-ever European Pellet Supply and Cost Analysis study provides:

  • Country-level analysis of supply, production and logistics for key European supply regions
  • Cost models for major regions that supply Europe
  • Supply curves featuring cash costs for pellets delivered to major centers of trade
  • Total cost analysis of major supply regions
  • Sensitivity analysis around how shifts in exchange rates impact competitiveness
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