Global Agroforestry Review

Increasingly, landowners in many countries are pursuing an integrated model of agriculture and forestry on the same land. This first-ever study is a primer on agroforestry, both as a land-use practice and an opportunity for TIMOs and other investors in timberlands.

Agroforestry is a comprehensive land management system that emphasizes a productive interdependent relationship between trees, agricultural crops and/or livestock. It can be ecologically beneficial even as it provides more income to those who work the land – and potentially for timberland investors as well.

This all-new study introduces investment in agroforestry as a new segment in the timberland asset class, with insights for TIMOs, investors, landowners, and buyers of woodfiber.

The Global Agroforestry Review shows you:

  • Insight into the practice of agroforestry on 6 continents
  • Examples of what works and what doesn’t, and prospects for growth
  • Comparisons of agroforestry vs. traditional timberland investing
  • Techniques for balancing sustainability and profitability per acre
  • How investors can benefit from incorporating blended agriculture/forestry assets into their otherwise pure timberland funds


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