Global Pellet Demand Outlook 2021

High energy prices are powering strong demand for heating fuel alternatives and renewable energy policies are leading power plants to swap pellets for coal. How will these forces affect global wood pellet demand through 2031? 

Charting the growth trajectory of wood pellet demand, this new outlook analyses key drivers behind demand and provides a 10-year demand forecast for Europe, Asia and North America.  

Demand for wood pellets, used for power generation and heating, are influenced by regional and global trends.  This outlook can help biomass pellet producers, energy companies, utilities, shippers, and investors to analyze:  

  • Country-level renewable energy goal and biomass support policies like the impact of biomass subsidy expiration in the UK, the Netherland’s phase-out of coal and other key policies. 
  • Energy markets and weather trends. Weather events and oil/gas prices can affect the competitiveness of biomass heat.  
  • The resilience of pellets during pandemic downturned economies.  

How could major policy changes impact the industry? We’ve analyzed factors like:  

  • Policy updates in the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Japan and South Korea that will influence industrial pellet demand. 
  • The future prospects of key power plants utilizing pellets in the UK, Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium. 
  • How the weather and global energy prices have impacted the European and North American heating markets. 
  • How the closure of 15.3 GW of coal-fired capacity in South Korea will impact pellet demand. 

Included in this outlook: 

  • 2021-2031 forecast for 16 key countries /regions that consume wood pellets for heating and industrial uses.  
  •  Detailed outlooks for industrial and heating use. 
  •  Policy developments and implications in key markets 
  • Major projects using industrial pellets and their projected consumptions. 
  •  Pellet appliance shipment and stock outlook for key heating markets. 
  •  Global energy price forecast and trade data. 
  • Impact of COVID-19 

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