Global Timberland Ownership and Investment Database [TIMO Update]

RISI's database for understanding the global timberland investment market. The industry’s most complete data source for timberland ownership, investment, and sales - the latest TIMO Update will be available December 2018.

Coming in December 2018, the TIMO Update is a 3-part reference guide for timberland ownership, investment, and sales:

Global Forest Ownership Database

  • Information about the ownership of more than 500 million acres (202 million hectares) of timberland assets worldwide.
  • Details of forest ownership by state/province (in North America) and by softwood and hardwood plantations (in Latin America, Oceania, Africa and Asia)
  • Searchable database of some forest ownership in more than 80 countries

Global Forest Ownership Review

  • Global overview of ownership of the Top 30 Global TIMOs
  • Largest forest owners by region, and trends in acquisitions and sales of forest by TIMOs and REITs in North America
  • Brief profiles of more than 400 timberland owners in North America, Europe, Latin America, Oceania, Asia and Africa

International Timberland Transaction Database

  • Details about more than 290 timberland transactions outside of North America
    (to complement RISI’s North American Timberland Transactions Database)

How Can the TIMO Update Help You?

  • Gain a competitive understanding of who is investing where.
  • Incorporate forest ownership patterns in each country into your analysis and strategy
  • Compare potential investments across countries and regions
  • Keep track of notable transactions and potential shifts in the market
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