Global Timberland Ownership and Investment Database

RISI's database for understanding the global timberland investment market. The industry’s most complete data source for timberland ownership, investment, and sales.

Bob Flynn, RISI timber expert and author of TIMO17, presents details about the market and the database in a free webinar – click here. 

Global Timberland Ownership and Investment Database 2017 [TIMO17] is comprised of three complementary datasets:

Global Forest Ownership Database

  • Information about the ownership of over 550 million acres (222 million hectares) of timberland assets worldwide
  • Details of forest ownership by state/province (in North America) and by softwood and hardwood plantations (in Latin America, Oceania, Africa and Asia)
  • Searchable database of some forest ownership in 82 countries

Global Forest Ownership Review

  • Ranking of the top 30 TIMOs world-wide by assets under management
  • Identification of largest forest owners by region
  • Recent trends in timberland sales and purchases by REITs and TIMOs in the USA
  • Brief profiles of hundreds of timberland owners in North America, Europe, Latin America, Oceania, Asia and Africa

International Timberland Transaction Database

  • Information on timberland transactions outside of North America (to complement RISI’s North American Timberland Transactions Database)

Who uses the TIMO database?


  • Save time in researching forest ownership by company
  • Gain a competitive understanding of who is investing where
  • Understand timberland investment trends by region

Financial Institutions

  • Evaluate current and potential investments by comparing to others within the same region
  • Understand global market dynamics


  • Keep track of developing markets and gain insight into potential fiber sources
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