International Pulpwood Trade Review

The 26th annual comprehensive review and forecast of international trade in woodchips, pulplogs, and biomass fiber.

International Pulpwood Trade Review 2019 (IPTR19) is an essential tool for the international trade of woodchips, pulplogs, and biomass fiber. This 26th annual report examines the markets for globally traded pulpwood fiber and the pulpwood resources for domestic and export supply in more than 35 countries. IPTR19 also includes monthly updates on Asian woodchip markets.

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  • Woodchip export volumes by supplier, port, species and customer
  • Wood pellet exports by port and supplier in North America
  • Import volumes by species and source
  • A complete list of woodchip carriers by age, size, owner and charterer
  • Contact details for woodchip and pulplog suppliers and buyers
  • Profiles of key woodchip export facilities worldwide


  • Analysis of Pacific Rim and Atlantic Region pulplog and woodchip import markets
  • Updated analysis of international trade in biomass chips and pellets
  • Focus on Asian pulp production from imported woodchips, competing with pulp imports


  • Woodchip trade forecast 2018-2023
  • Price trends and forecasts for benchmark woodchip species in the key Japanese market
  • Resource trends and competition for export supply
  • Forecast of the Pacific Rim woodchip trade through 2023

IPTR19 Includes Monthly Updates on Asian Woodchip Markets

  • China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and India market coverage
  • Volumes and average unit value (CIF price – delivered to port)
  • Data broken out by source country, plus hardwood vs. softwood
  • Summary table and charts
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