Lockwood Post Directory of Pulp and Paper Mills

Publisher Note:

RISI is no longer publishing the print version of the Lockwood-Post. Data on global pulp and paper mills is now delivered through the Asset Database, an online service which is continuously maintained throughout the year to reflect new mill information as it becomes available. It contains all of the same information included in the Lockwood Post with significantly more detail. Click here to learn more about the Asset Database.

Order the 2015-2016 Edition

RISI’s Lockwood-Post Directory of Pulp & Paper Mills has remained a trusted resource for 130 years. Now printed bi-annually, this publication provides insights on mill operations and company ownership details for all major pulp and paper mills worldwide.

Included in Lockwood-Post Directory:

Details on all major pulp and paper mills and executive offices worldwide, sorted by state (U.S), province (Canada and China), country and geographical region. Each listing includes:

  • Company headquarters and mill information
  • Key personnel details
  • Pulp mill data: pulp grades, capacities and equipment
  • Paper and paperboard mill data: grades, capacities and equipment
  • Power generation: equipment and electrical demand
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