North American Wood Panels Forecast – 15-Year

Fastmarkets RISI’s North American Wood Panels Forecast – 15-Year provides a comprehensive assessment and long-term outlook for North American wood panels markets. The forecast covers key concepts like supply, demand, imports/exports and prices.


What you will find in this report:

Executive summary – a comprehensive summary of the North American wood panels markets, including analysis on the state of both the US and Canadian economies, demand indicators, current production costs, and market risks for North American structural panels, particleboard, and medium density fiberboard (MDF).

Economic Outlook – a detailed analysis and forecast of demand and supply side indicators as well as risks for the economies of both the United States and Canada. Demand side indicators include GDP, consumption, investment, government spending, and international trade. Supply side indicators include demographics, the labor force, productivity, inflation, oil prices, interest rates and the state of the dollar. Comprehensive written analysis is provided alongside supporting data tables.

Housing & Other Demand Indicators – a thorough examination and forecast of US and Canadian housing markets, incorporating data on population size and growth, demand (replacement, second home, vacancy, mobile home, and shelter), affordability, production (starts and output), repair and remodeling, industrial and furniture production, and non-residential construction.

North American Wood Panel Markets – a comprehensive examination and forecast of the North American wood panel markets, including key factors such as: demand, supply, demand/capacity ratios, costs, prices and production.

The following wood panel markets are covered in depth:

  • North American Structural Panels
  • North American Particleboard
  • North American MDF

Why Fastmarkets RISI

More than 80% of the world’s leading forest products companies – plus buyers, distributors, suppliers, governments and financial analysts – rely on Fastmarkets RISI to help them make critical decisions such as:

  • What – if any – capital investments should I make?
  • What forecasts should I use in my budgets?
  • What market areas are ripe for expansion – or contraction?
  • Do I need to make changes to my sourcing strategies to account for impending market shifts?
  • Where are the emerging opportunities?

Fastmarkets RISI forecasts incorporate developments like shifts in technology, government regulations, economic growth and consumer preferences. They are based on dynamically linked computer models more than 25 years in the making, and reflect the influences of all other sectors.

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