North American Woodfiber and Biomass Markets

Understand what's driving woodfiber and biomass markets

Get the latest news, market analysis and price assessments. In each monthly newsletter, you’ll get the latest roundwood and chip prices, wood biomass and pellet feedstock pricing, and news on supply and demand. Plus, you’ll get breaking news updates on the most important mill project, timberland and regulatory news.

This coverage will help you understand:

  • Market trends for woodfiber and biomass
  • North American overview and regional details
  • Impact on pulp and paper markets

Brought to you by a veteran team of timber industry editors, regular features in this monthly newsletter include:

  • Regional market analysis
  • Price assessments for roundwood, chips, biomass and wood pellet feedstock
  • Mill news and projects
  • Timberland sales
  • Corporate and forestry news
  • New biomass projects
  • News on regulations and policies affecting biomass and woodfiber markets
  • New technology in biomass
  • Updates on chip/pellet import/export markets

Who can benefit from Fastmarkets RISI’s North American Woodfiber & Biomass Markets?

  • Buyers and sellers of woodfiber, biomass and pellet feedstock – stay on top of prices, market news and project developments that will impact markets
  • Managers in other wood-consuming industries like pulp and paper and wood products – understand how developments in woodfiber and biomass will affect your supply
  • Energy companies – stay up-to-date with developments in this emerging energy sector
  • Financial – keep on top of price moves and capacity changes, and how they will affect your investments
  • Suppliers, contractors, engineers, and legal support – identify opportunities in the constantly emerging biopower, wood pellet, and liquid biofuels industries and understand how woodfiber markets are shaping up for your clients and prospects.

Free access to Fastmarkets RISI’s Timber & Wood Biomass News Service is included with your subscription!

This service is a valuable complement to North American Woodfiber & Biomass Markets, keeping you abreast of the latest market developments in between your monthly newsletters. You’ll get breaking news on the North American timber and wood biomass industries, reported by veteran forest products industry journalists.

Publication frequency:

12 times a year

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