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With constant change in the pulp and paper business environment you’ll be glad to hear about Fastmarkets RISI Outlook Briefings, which in just a short period of time, show how these changes will affect the markets over the next two years.

Fastmarkets RISI Outlook Briefings:

  • Allow you to have your questions answered directly by Fastmarkets RISI Economists
  • Give you a high-level overview of global pulp and paper markets
  • Help you gain knowledge on multiple grade sets in a short period of time
  • Give you updates on market fluctuations and how they may impact you
  • Save you time poring over thousands of pages of forecast information

What are Fastmarkets RISI Outlook Briefings?

  • Concise slides showing key results of Fastmarkets RISI’s forecasts.
  • Accompanied by webinars hosted by key economists, addressing specific customer questions solicitated in advance.
  • Updated 3 times per year.

Who are they for?

Fastmarkets RISI Outlook Briefings are designed for pulp and paper industry suppliers, producers, end users, analysts, and consultants who focus on multiple grades and/or regions; users who need quick and easy access to market information; and stakeholders with a keen interest in understanding the industry’s evolution.

Here’s what a recent subscriber had to say:

“Thanks a lot for the Outlook Briefings, they clearly present the situation by grade and help to picture a market in a snapshot. I would certainly recommend this Fastmarkets RISI service to others and look forward to the next Outlook Briefings.”

What do they include?

  • Intro slides showing market sizes and forecast growth by key region (Global, North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia)
  • Detailed slides for each key grade and geography showing historic, current, and forecast supply, demand, operating rates, prices and costs.
  • Recordings of presentations hosted by key economists explaining Fastmarkets RISI’s view on the market and answering customer questions gathered beforehand.*

What grades are covered?

  • Pulp & Recovered Paper (Hardwood ; Softwood ; OCC ; ONP)
  • Graphic Papers (Newsprint, Coated ; Uncoated Mechanical ; Coated + Uncoated Woodfree)
  • Packaging Papers (Virgin + Recycled Containerboard ; Cartonboard (Boxboard))
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