PIX Pulp and Paper

Weekly pulp and paper prices indices produced and managed by Fastmarkets FOEX

One-year subscription includes:

  • 52 weeks of market price coverage
  • Covering prices in Europe, the US and China
  • Weekly market analysis of price trends
  • Graphs that show the price trends since each index was launched

Fastmarkets RISI is the exclusive reseller of the PIX Pulp & Paper Service. For more information about Fastmarkets FOEX visit www.foex.fi

Fasmarkets FOEX’s PIX Pulp & Paper Indices are average market prices for pulp, packaging, graphic and recovered papers. Many subscribers not only rely on them to monitor global market price developments but use them commercially as reference prices in trading contracts and pricing internal transactions. PIX Pulp & Paper indices are also used by financial institutions as financial hedging instruments against product price risks.*

These institutions trust PIX Pulp & Paper price indices because they are calculated from price data received directly from buyers and sellers. The prices are collected and managed to a high standard. Read about Fasmarkets FOEX’s PIX Pulp & Paper Indices methodology here. 

Don’t miss the PIX!

The PIX Pulp & Paper Service is delivered direct to your in-box and published online every Tuesday.

Grades covered:

  • Pulp: NBSK (Europe, China & the US), BHKP (Europe & China)
  • Paper: Newsprint (Europe & the US), LWC, CWF, A4 B-copy (Europe)
  • Packaging: Kraftliner, White-top Kraftliner, Testliner 2 & 3, RB-Fluting (Europe)
  • Recovered Paper: OCC, ONP/OMG (Europe), OCC, ONP/OMG, Mixed (Germany, monthly)

Rely on the PIX Pulp & Paper Service to help you:

  • Objectively and reliably monitor global price developments each week of the year.
  • Compare your price with the market average and determine if you are trading at a fair market price, for use in price negotiations.
  • Understand what is driving prices, with in-depth analysis of industry trends.
  • Quickly see how prices have developed since the PIX index release.

PIX Pulp & Paper Service + Historical Time-Series

This service helps you evaluate price trends over the longer term. It gives you all the benefits of PIX Pulp & Paper, with the entire weekly price history and monthly average since the index was launched.

Fastmarkets FOEX Commercial Use License*

  • Win back the time from price negotiations by employing PIX indices in trading contracts instead.
  • Simplify internal company pricing, by providing an independent market reference price for internal transactions.
  • Manage the volatility of pulp and paper prices by using PIX indices as an independent market reference price to lock in prices. These contracts between buyers and sellers to hedge against price risks are offered through financial institutions.

*This service is available for those companies who wish to use Fastmarkets FOEX PIX indices in contracts. With a license, PIX indices can be used commercially as reference prices in trading contracts and pricing internal transactions. They can also be used as market reference prices in risk hedging contracts. PIX is a registered trade-mark owned by FOEX Indexes Ltd. The use of the PIX Pulp & Paper indices for any commercial purpose, including internal price agreements, is allowed only with permission from Fastmarkets FOEX. If you are interested in any kind of commercial use of Fastmarkets FOEX indices, please contact Fastmarkets FOEX for further information.

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