Random Lengths Weekly Report

Price reporting, analysis, and market coverage of more than 1,600 items of softwood lumber, panels, and other wood products in North America

The Random Lengths Weekly Report provides essential price data and unbiased analyses of trading patterns, plus reports of important industry trends and events. Each weekly 14-page issue contains prices for more than 1,600 items of softwood lumber, panels, and other wood products. As part of the Random Lengths Price and News Service, it’s your key to staying on top of the market.

Use the Random Lengths Weekly Report to support sound decisions and ensure you’re getting the best price:

  • Accurate price reporting
    Review updated prices for more than 1,600 softwood lumber, plywood, OSB, and other wood products in all North American regions
  • Market news & analysis
    See “Through A Knothole” reports on the housing market, changes in production, log supply issues, labor negotiations, and more
  • Industry news
    Consult “Yardnotes” for the latest on new companies, changes within existing companies, personnel changes, and other news
  • Market surveys
    Get the insider’s perspective from industry-wide surveys covering production shifts and other market trends
  • Product and species reports
    Learn why certain items or species are selling better than others, why some are hard to find, and other factors that affect prices
  • Market data
    Refer to handy charts and graphs for price changes and other indicators – including a new futures market section
  • Random Lengths Composite Prices
    Measure broad price movements with Composite Prices for 14 specific product groups and species

The Wood products news service delivered as part of a subscription now includes content from Daily WoodWire



Released: every Friday

*This report is part of the Random Lengths price and news service.

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