Southern Pulp Mill Risk of Closure Study

This study identifies which pulp mills are vulnerable to partial or complete shutdown within the next 5 years

Further restructuring within the pulp and paper sector is inevitable. US paper markets are expected to be oversupplied for most of the next five years. Excess capacity will correspond with lower prices for a range of paper grades. Other headwinds for the sector include declining paper usage rates, wood fiber supply shortages, rising input costs, expanding competition abroad, and more.

The study includes:

  • An assessment of competitive indicators to determine the strength of each of the 72 pulp mills operating in the southern US
  • Identification of the mills at high, medium and low risk of closure
  • A transparent and tested mill evaluation methodology
  • A complete set of verifiable data inputs.

This study will help you and your business to:

  • Determine mill vulnerability due to market prospects and cost position
  • Benchmark production costs to other Southern and US producing regions
  • Prepare for expected changes in pulpwood prices and availability
  • Evaluate market risk associated with expanding production and new projects
  • Assess the stability of pulpwood demand in local areas
  • Assess the wood-paying capability of individual mills
  • Rationalize forest management policy and final harvest objectives

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