Timberland Profiles – Custom

Custom reports on key characteristics that help determine the investment attractiveness of a specific timberland tract

For any tract of timberland that you specify, we’ll produce a customized electronic Timberland Profile on key factors that contribute to the attractiveness of the investment, including historical stumpage prices, timberland sales information, regional mill demand and demographic characteristics.

With Fastmarkets RISI’s Timberland Profiles, you can:

  • Mitigate your risk: Improve your ability to make the most informed timberland buying or selling decisions
  • Save time: No other resource can combine as many key types of timberland data into one customized report. No need to compile all the various types of information yourself, or find the various resources that provide them

Fastmarkets RISI’s Timberland Profiles include:

Stumpage prices – Historical stumpage pricing for the same region and types of timber located on the parcel.

  • Regional comparisons
  • Species and product comparisons
  • from Fastmarkets RISI’s Timber Transaction Price Service (TTPS)

Individual mill information – Comprehensive listing of significant timber-consuming mills (pulp, OSB, plywood, softwood sawmills) within 60 miles of the tract.

  • Proximity of each mill to parcel
  • Mill capacity
  • Estimated mill consumption
  • Cost position estimates for each mill
  • from Fastmarkets RISI’s Cost Benchmarking Studies

Regional timberland sales prices – Average, minimum and maximum price-per-acre figures for the region where the parcel is located.

  • from Fastmarkets RISI’s U.S. Timberland Sales Database

Timber growing stock estimates – Annual estimates for timber growing stock removals, growth and species mix.
Demographic characteristics – Detailed demographic information on a county level for the given location and surrounding counties within 60 miles. Key characteristics include:

  • Population change
  • Population density
  • Urban area proximity


  • Locations for all timber consuming mills with 60 miles
  • Population density
  • Population change

Specify the timberland tract you’re interested in, and we’ll produce a custom Timber Profile in days – sometimes less.

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