World Bilateral Trade Data

The only comprehensive source of country-to-country trade statistics available for the global pulp and paper industry

Recovered Paper Bilateral Trade Data

Analyze historical trends in world trade for each grade of pulp, paper and paperboard using Fastmarkets RISI’s World Bilateral Trade Data. Find out which producer country is gaining market share in global trade of pulp and paper products. Benefit from Fastmarkets RISI’s comprehensive database that compiles discrete annual trade data from hundreds of sources into one convenient time-series database.

Fastmarkets RISI’s bilateral trade tables show exports from the major producing countries for key graphic paper, packaging and pulp & recovered paper grades by 62 destination countries.

In addition, world and regional totals help you understand pulp and paper trade flows on the macro and micro level.

Grades Available

To find out more about each study, individually by region or globally, click on the links below.

  • World Pulp & Recovered Paper – bleached hardwood kraft; bleached softwood kraft; unbleached kraft; sulfite pulp; mechanical pulp and recovered paper
  • World Graphic Paper – coated woodfree; uncoated woodfree; coated mechanical; uncoated mechanical and newsprint
  • World Packaging Paper – containerboard: kraft linerboard, recycled linerboard, semichemical corrugating medium, and recycled corrugating medium; boxboard/cartonboard; wrapping papers
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