World Boxboard Study: Americas

Global trade tensions could have a major impact on boxboard producers in the Americas – as well as their suppliers and customers. Prepare for potential disruption with price, production cost, and grade-specific data and analysis for every market in the Americas.

The World Boxboard Study: Americas provides grade-level demand, supply and trade analysis of the global cartonboard market. It enables you to:

  • Understand trade flows of major substrates imported/exported into/from the Americas and what the likely trend will be going forward.
  • Compare the cost profiles of important producers in the US, Brazil, Chile and Mexico.
  • Prepare with price forecasts for the US and Brazil through 2022.
  • Determine market size and five-year trends for:
    • Solid bleached sulfate (SBS)
    • Multi-ply & poly-coated board (CMP)
    • Coated unbleached kraft (CUK)
    • Coated recycled board (CRB)
    • Uncoated recycled board (URB)
    • Folding boxboard (FBB)
    • White lined chipboard (WLC)

The World Boxboard Study: Americas is part of a product suite that also covers Asia and Europe.

What makes the World Boxboard Study so valuable for your business?

The World Boxboard Study provides you with data and analytical tools that you can’t get from any other source.

Boxboard grades, unlike containerboard, are not defined and labeled consistently across major global markets. This means that the global outlook for boxboard cannot be determined by simply aggregating regional totals.

Fastmarkets RISI’s World Boxboard Study – previously published in 2012 and 2015 – uses a proprietary global grade classification system to enable comparative analysis across all world markets.

No other research product offers such a holistic perspective of global boxboard markets – supported by the industry’s deepest and most trusted data and analysis.

How is the World Boxboard Study different from other Fastmarkets RISI boxboard-related products?

The World Boxboard Study combines data and analysis from multiple Fastmarkets RISI products into one accessible and digestible report. It also covers more grades and more countries than subscription products. And as noted above, the World Boxboard Study harmonizes product classification to enable direct comparison across countries and regions.

Why is the World Boxboard Study now divided by region?

Based on feedback from clients worldwide, the Fastmarkets RISI packaging team has developed a more detailed and granular analysis than ever before – and also provided you with the option of purchasing a report for the region or regions that matter most to your business – Asia, Europe, or North & South America.

Who uses the World Boxboard Study?

Boxboard Producers Worldwide

  • Understand the demand and supply outlook for global boxboard, and how this will affect trade flows for the major boxboard grades.
  • Get a global look at the competitive landscape for boxboard by looking at global and regional cash cost analysis for select grades and how this compares with boxboard pricing.
  • Understand where new projects are coming from and whether this capacity poses a threat to existing business.

Financial Analysts

  • Understand market sizing, distribution, and major projects coming online that are essential for evaluating an ever more globalized boxboard market.
  • Gain a strong grasp of the supply and demand dynamics which are driving the regional and global boxboard markets.
  • Detailed subgrade analysis not typically available or regularly provided by Fastmarkets RISI.
  • Pricing and cost analysis by select region.


  • Understand how demand and supply dynamics will likely affect the pricing environment for various grades of boxboard regionally and worldwide.
  • Learn where new capacity will be entering the global marketplace and what grades will see capacity expansions.
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