World Boxboard Study

The popular World Boxboard Study is now a suite of three products, sold individually, covering Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Global trade tensions could have a major impact on any company that buys, sells, or produces boxboard. Prepare for potential disruption with the latest data, analysis, and 5-year forecasts.

How can the World Boxboard Study benefit your business?

  1. Regional Focus

    For the first time, the World Boxboard Study gives you the option of purchasing reports for the region or regions that matter most to you – the Americas, Europe and Asia.

  2. Comparative Grading

    The World Boxboard Study applies a consistent naming system for every country – enabling true comparative analysis between markets that don’t use the same terms to describe common boxboard grades.

  3. Deep Data

    The World Boxboard Study covers more grades and more countries than any other boxboard-focused research product.

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