World Tissue Capacity Report

Global tissue mill capacity - past, present and future

Section of World Tissue Capacity by Mill table
Section of World Tissue Capacity by Mill table

Spanning ten years, Fastmarkets RISI’s World Tissue Capacity Report provides a comprehensive view of current, historical and planned tissue capacity around the world. For each year, the report details the top 10 producers with their market shares by five World regions: North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia & Oceania, Africa & Middle East. It also includes capacity by country, and capacity by mill in each country.

The report covers six years of historical capacity data, current year capacity, and a three year forecast of future capacity, including new mills based on forthcoming known projects. The World Tissue Capacity Report aims to cover every mill globally, including China and emerging markets.

Table of Contents

World Leading Tissue Producers per Region

  • Top Twenty Global Tissue Producers
  • Top Ten North American Tissue Producers
  • Top Ten European Tissue Producers
  • Top Ten Latin American Tissue Producers
  • Top Ten Asia and Oceania Tissue Producers
  • Top Ten Africa and Middle East Tissue Producers

World Tissue Capacity by Country

World Tissue Capacity by Mill

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