Outlook Briefings

Understand pulp and paper markets quickly and easily.

Presented by RISI’s leading economists, Outlook Briefings are short-term market overviews designed for pulp and paper industry suppliers, producers, end users, analysts and consultants who focus on multiple grades and/or regions. These presentations will:

  • Give you a high-level overview of global pulp and paper markets
  • Help you gain knowledge on multiple grade sets in a short period of time
  • Give you updates on market fluctuations and how they may impact you
  • Save you time poring over thousands of pages of forecast information

What do they include?

  • Intro slides showing market sizes and forecast growth by key region (Global, North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia)
  • Detailed slides for each key grade and geography showing historic, current, and forecast supply, demand, operating rates, prices and costs.
  • On-demand recordings of presentations hosted by key economists explaining RISI’s view on the market and addressing key market questions.

What grades are covered?

RISI offers Outlook Briefings on Pulp & Recovered Paper, Graphic Paper and Packaging.

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