Short-Term Forecasts

Gain an unbiased view of how forest product markets might change over the next two years.

For a clear assessment of major markets such as pulp, paper, packaging, wood, timber and tissue, learn more about RISI’s Monitors. Our analysts continuously monitor markets to deliver monthly forecasts of the global forest product industry, by region and by grade. Each of our analyze current market trends, forecast near-term developments, and provide historical and forecasted price summaries using RISI’s transparent methodology.

Delivered with Supporting Data

RISI Monitors are delivered with descriptive tables and data charts for major market indicators such as supply, demand, imports, exports, and pricing by grade and region. Many of our reports include analysis and results based on our cost data and cost benchmarking of mills. This provides the most comprehensive analysis of markets available.

Shedding Light on What Drives Pulp and Paper Prices

Understanding the cost structure of a market is critical to understanding what drives price. RISI is the only information provider that directly incorporates mill cost data into their forecast of pulp and paper prices. RISI economists have long integrated data from our cost benchmarking service into their models. Over time, this information proved so valuable for anticipating prices changes, that we decided to make this data available to our pulp and paper forecast subscribers starting in 2015.

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Crafted by Global Economist Team

RISI’s team of economists is unrivaled in geographic scope and expertise. Each grade team is led by a recognized industry expert and is supported by a team of regionally-based, grade focused economists.

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Short-term Forecast Products (18)

Paper TraderNorth AmericaGraphic PapersView Package
Paper Trader EuropeWest EuropeGraphic PapersView Package
Paper Packaging MonitorNorth AmericaPackaging Paper & BoardView Package
Paper Packaging Monitor - EuropeEuropePackaging Paper & BoardView Package
Asian Pulp and Paper MonitorAsia PacificGraphic Papers, Pulp, Pulp & PaperView Package
Monthly Economic CommentaryAsia Pacific, Europe, North AmericaEconomyView Package
World Dissolving Pulp MonitorAfrica, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North AmericaPulpView Package
World Pulp MonthlyAfrica, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North AmericaPulpView Package
World Recovered Paper MonitorAsia Pacific, North America, West EuropeRecovered PaperView Package
Lumber CommentaryNorth AmericaLumberView Package
Structural Panel CommentaryNorth AmericaPanelsView Package
Particleboard and MDF CommentaryNorth AmericaPanelsView Package
World Timber Price QuarterlyAfrica, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North AmericaTimberView Package
Outlook for World Tissue BusinessAfrica, Asia & Australia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North AmericaTissueRequest Pricing
U.S. Tissue Monthly DataNorth AmericaTissueRequest Pricing
World Tissue Business Monitor ServiceAfrica, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North AmericaTissueRequest Pricing
Packaging Intelligence CenterAsia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North AmericaPulp & PaperView Package
Nonwovens Price and Cost MonitorAsia & Australia, Europe, North AmericaNonwovensView Package
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