Special Studies

Take a closer look at the critical trends affecting your business.

RISI’s Special Studies offer our most detailed objective analysis and forecasts on critical trends impacting major markets in the forest products industry. Reports include coverage on market history and background, assessment of major players in the industry, supply/demand dynamics, consumption trends and market forecasts. Topics cover various grades in graphic paper, fiber, packaging, wood products and timber markets.

Current RISI Special Studies include:

Focused on Major Trends

Uncover the core drivers and potential impacts of key trends occurring on global and regional levels. RISI Special Studies include data tables, charts and expanded commentary on concepts like machine conversion feasibility, impacts of overcapacity in the marketplace, forecasted influence of emerging markets and more:

  • Mill and Market Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Global Expansion
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Research and Development
  • Capital Investments
  • Sales Projections
  • Competitive Analysis

Researched by Industry Experts

RISI’s global economists have extensive expertise in their areas of focus. Because they work in the regions they serve, they can provide direct, local insight into your markets.

Meet our Research Team

Enhanced by RISI Services

Our economists work closely with RISI analysts who focus on regional market reporting and mill cost analysis. Together they are able to distill the most important and relevant information available within our portfolio of products and global team of experts. When you purchase a special study, you receive insight enhanced by multiple resources including sophisticated databases and intelligence products.

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Built on RISI Methodologies

Our clear and transparent methodologies have been carefully developed and refined. Understanding the methods and assumptions on which information is based enables you effectively and confidently apply it to your unique business needs.

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Special Studies (37)

Lignin: Technology, Applications, and MarketsAsia & Australia, Europe, Latin America, North AmericaPulpRequest Pricing
European Pellet Supply and Cost AnalysisEurope, North AmericaBioenergyRequest Pricing
Global Tree Farm Economics Review 2017Africa, Asia & Australia, Europe, Latin America, North AmericaTimber, Timber Forestry & EnvironmentRequest Pricing
Eucalyptus Sawlog Market OutlookAfrica, Asia & Australia, Asia Pacific, Latin AmericaTimber, Wood ProductsRequest Pricing
China Pulp and Paper Factbook 2017Asia PacificGraphic Papers, Packaging Paper & Board, Pulp, Recovered PaperRequest Pricing
World Boxboard Study: AmericasAfrica, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North AmericaPackaging Paper & BoardRequest Pricing
OCC/UKP Market Analysis and Outlook 2015Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North AmericaPackaging Paper & BoardRequest Pricing
China Timber Supply OutlookAsia PacificTimberRequest Pricing
The China Pulp Market in Transition: A Comprehensive Analysis and OutlookAsia PacificPulpRequest Pricing
Exploding Chinese Tissue Business - Opportunities and ChallengesAsia PacificTissueRequest Pricing
Global Outlook for Cut Size Uncoated Freesheet Paper MarketsAfrica, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North AmericaGraphic PapersRequest Pricing
Pine Plantation Investments for Resin and TimberAfrica, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North AmericaChemicals, Timber, Timber Forestry & Environment, Timberland OwnersRequest Pricing
The China Recovered Paper Market: A Comprehensive Analysis and OutlookAsia PacificRecovered PaperRequest Pricing
Southeast Asia: Regional Timber Supply and Market OutlookAsia PacificTimberRequest Pricing
U.S. Southern Pulpwood StudyNorth AmericaTimberRequest Pricing
The Chinese Graphic Paper Market: Recent Trends and Future Prospects under Changing CircumstancesAsia PacificGraphic PapersRequest Pricing
The Outlook for North American Offshore Softwood Plywood ImportsAsia Pacific, Latin America, North AmericaPanelsRequest Pricing
North American Containerboard Conversion StudyNorth AmericaGraphic Papers, Packaging Paper & BoardRequest Pricing
World Sawlog Study 2014Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North AmericaTimberRequest Pricing
European Containerboard Machine Conversion StudyEuropeGraphic Papers, Packaging Paper & BoardRequest Pricing
Latin American Plantation Forests: Outlook for Timber Supply and MarketsLatin AmericaTimberRequest Pricing
NANOCELLULOSE: Technology, Applications and MarketsEurope, North AmericaNonwovens, PulpRequest Pricing
OSB Capacity Expansion and the Development of US Pellet Exports - Impacts on Woodfiber SupplyNorth AmericaBioenergy, PanelsRequest Pricing
World Sack Kraft and Wrapping Paper StudyAfrica, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North AmericaPackaging Paper & BoardRequest Pricing
Global BHK Pulp Mill RiskAfrica, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North AmericaPulpRequest Pricing
Global Woodfree Risk of ClosureAsia Pacific, Europe, North AmericaGraphic PapersRequest Pricing
Outlook for Russian Paper Packaging MarketsEast EuropePackaging Paper & BoardRequest Pricing
Outlook for Wood-Based BiofuelsEurope, North AmericaBioenergy, TimberRequest Pricing
Specialty Food Service PapersNorth AmericaPackaging Paper & BoardRequest Pricing
China Boxboard Study: The Nation's Rise on the Global Stage 2014Asia PacificPackaging Paper & BoardRequest Pricing
Nonwovens Innovation and Technology Review 2013Asia Pacific, Europe, North AmericaNonwovensRequest Pricing
India's Forest Products Industry Outlook 2013Asia PacificPulp & Paper, Timber, Tissue, Wood ProductsRequest Pricing
Global Timberland Ownership and Investment Database [TIMO Update]Africa, Asia & Australia, Asia Pacific, East Europe, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, West EuropeTimber, Timber Forestry & Environment, Timberland Owners, Wood InvestmentRequest Pricing
International Pulpwood Trade ReviewRequest Pricing
Outlook for Global Recovered Paper Markets 2017Request Pricing
Canada Pulp Mill Risk of Closure StudyRequest Pricing
Global Pellet Demand OutlookRequest Pricing
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