Competitively Position Your Machines in the Marketplace

Determine how to generate the highest return on your capital. Analyze the performance and operational efficiency of your machines against the competition.

Fastmarkets RISI engineers can help you identify underperforming machines, compare your machines to your competitors and discover new areas of improvement.

Identify under-performing machines

  • Compare manufacturing costs of equipment with the market average to determine whether you’re producing at too high of a cost to be competitive.
  • Evaluate machine productivity by reviewing production per unit of width.

Compare your machines’ performance with your competitors’

  • Compare all machines producing a specific grade or product on a regional or global basis.
  • Evaluate consumption costs of chemicals, energy, and fiber by mill and machine.
  • Understand how your machine ranks compared with others producing the same grades and products based on Cash Manufacturing Cost, EBITDA and Total Cost.
  • Review the costs, consumption and production processes of market leaders to understand how they maintain a competitive edge.
  • Identify best practices information by evaluating detailed manufacturing flowsheets for competing mills. Flowsheets include a detailed map of every input and process involved in producing finished products at a mill.

Mill Intelligence Service

Example: By comparing the Cash Manufacturing Cost of North American mills producing Coated Woodfree on a cost curve, you can get a quick snapshot of mill and machine cost competitiveness. Each bar represents a different mill and each color, a company. The width of the bar is representative of capacity.

Maximize your supply chain and operational effectiveness

Optimize production and asset utilization by reviewing your processes compared with other mills.

Compare your machine utilization to others operating in the same market and identify strategies you can apply within your mills.

Minimize costs in your supply chain by comparing your primary cost drivers with those of your competitors.

Identify assets that should be shutdown or idled by analyzing current cost competitiveness. Know how changes in capacity, demand and prices will impact your future competitiveness.
Mill Intelligence Service

Example: After identifying market leading mills, you can further analyze how they maintain their cost competitiveness. One of the ways to do this is by reviewing a detailed flowsheet of their manufacturing processes. This can help you identify efficiencies and best practices which can be employed by your mill.

Use Cases

See Fastmarkets RISI’s mill cost and data in action. View use cases to learn how mill intelligence tools might help your organization understand mills and markets.

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