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Whether you deal with customers, vendors, suppliers or investors, you want them to trust you. That means you need to read the most trusted and reliable news.

Fastmarkets RISI’s team of editors, journalists and analysts have over 200 years of combined experience in pulp, recovered paper, paper, packaging, wood products, timber and nonwovens markets. They use their extensive, inside contacts throughout these markets to bring you high-level insights that you will not find anywhere else.

Why Fastmarkets RISI trounces the competition in terms of market news coverage:

  • Our news is objective: We have real journalists reporting on the news. It is not aggregated from search engines. It is not advertorial from big manufacturers. Fastmarkets RISI is an independent journalistic news organization dedicated to these markets.
  • Our news is transparent: When we cover stories, we show how we reach our conclusions on where markets are going and why. That way, when you explain to your stakeholders how the news effects your business, you will already have expert, well-researched answers.
  • Our news is comprehensive: Our news covers all the breaking stories on global markets. We get our news from trusted, high-level contacts in the companies on which we report. These relationships take time to develop. A lot of other organizations just collect press releases and report them as “news”. By subscribing to Fastmarkets RISI, you will be getting real news with objective, editorial analysis.
  • Our news is truly global: Fastmarkets RISI has offices around the world including in the United States, Belgium, Finland, China, Singapore and São Paolo. Our journalists speak with long-standing contacts in their local language. By reading Fastmarkets RISI publications, you can rest assured that you are getting the whole story, straight from the source with expert, editorial insight.


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