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RISI editors, journalists and analysts work around the world to bring you the latest pricing and market intelligence.

Follow markets and prices for pulp, recovered paper, paper, packaging, wood products, timber, biomass and nonwovens so you can make better business decisions.

Click on the links below to search our regional price coverage by grade or download an excel spreadsheet with the full list of RISI assessments:

Pulp and Paper


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Wood Products



Graphic PapersGraphic Papers
Recovered PaperRecovered Paper


North AmericaLatin America
Graphic PapersGraphic Papers
Recovered PaperRecovered Paper
Woodfiber & Biomass
Wood & Lumber
Logs & Timberlands

We also offer global prices for nonwovens raw materials and manufactured products.

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PPI EuropeEuropePulp & PaperView Package
PPI Pulp and Paper WeekNorth AmericaPulp & PaperView Package
PPI AsiaAsia PacificPulp & PaperView Package
PPI Latin AmericaLatin AmericaPulp & PaperView Package
Crow's Market and Price ServiceNorth AmericaWood ProductsView Package
Log LinesNorth AmericaTimberView Package
Packaging Intelligence CenterAsia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North AmericaPulp & PaperView Package
PIX Pulp and PaperAsia Pacific, Europe, North AmericaPulp & PaperRequest Pricing

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