Latin American Packaging Paper & Board Price Indices

Follow the latest Latin American packaging paper and board prices and market developments with PPI Latin America. See our full list of prices covered in our below table.

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Duplex, 100% Recycled, 190-375 g Brazil monthly
Duplex, Recycled, 190-375 g Brazil monthly
Duplex, Virgin Based, 190-375 g Brazil monthly
Fluting, 120 g Brazil monthly
Kraftliner, 120-150 g Brazil monthly
Kraftliner, from US, 42 lb (imports) Mexico monthly
Recycled Linerboard, 130-180 g (domestic) Mexico monthly
Recycled Medium, 120-180 g (domestic) Mexico monthly
Solid Kraft board, 210-370 g Brazil monthly
Testliner, 120-130 g Brazil monthly
Triplex, 210-370 g Brazil monthly
Unbleached extensible, Sack Kraft,78-85 g Brazil monthly
Unbleached Kraft linerboard, 42 lb (export, to Laredo for Mexico) Mexico monthly
White-top Linerboard, 130-200 g Brazil monthly

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