Accelerate Sales

Speed up the sales process by speaking with clients in the forest product industry in their own terms. Understand the market dynamics affecting them before preparing your proposal.

As in any industry, the most successful companies in the forest products industry align themselves with vendors who understand their business and the markets in which they operate. To become a valuable resource for your clients, it is critical that you know their operations, understand the market, and speak their language.

Fastmarkets RISI helps suppliers like chemical companies, equipment manufacturers, legal firms, and software providers, do just that. Our industry experts deliver market information that assists businesses like yours to anticipate emerging needs. Understand your clients’ objectives, and develop proposals that resonate with them.

Approach Prospects When it Matters

Explain your solution in context of market changes and the impact to your prospect’s business.

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Understand Client Priorities

Know more about the producers you are targeting, to craft a solution in line with their priorities.

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Develop Winning Proposals and Presentations

Increase sales by incorporating objective and independent insight on your clients’ operations, their competitors, as well as their market forecast into your proposals and presentations.

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