Target the Best Prospects

Prioritize your prospecting activities by learning which paper and wood producers would make the best customers.


Spend time on the best prospects. If you are selling to pulp, paper or wood producers, finding the mills and machines that need your services the most is critical to reducing effort and closing deals.

Fastmarkets RISI offers the most comprehensive resource for global mill data. We maintain information on mill and company production information beyond the basic key personnel details. We also give you a look at their operations, equipment, and costs so you can target customers in the most efficient way for your business.

With Fastmarkets RISI mill and cost information you can:

  • Identify mills that can benefit from your products and services by viewing entire mill production processes in flow sheets.
  • Create customized prospect lists by mill, including key personnel contact information.
  • Search for mills using specific criteria such as:
    • Pulp, paper and energy equipment type
    • Fiber, furnish, energy and chemicals consumption
    • Location
    • Grades and products produced
    • Capacity
  • Research mill consumption and gain cost transparency for contract negotiation.


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