Will global weakness hold back the North American newsprint market in 2015?

The North American newsprint industry, faced with domestic demand declines of 6-7% per year, must continually adjust supply to match the latest demand reality, and producers did just this in early 2014 by removing 360,000 tonnes of US capacity in January. However, weak exports, particularly to Asia, which had been a source of growth in 2013, have dragged shipments down in 2014 and kept operating rates pinned below 92% through the first eight months of the year, with prices continuing their...  Read more


Global Outlook for Cut-size Paper

John Maine, RISI's Vice President of Graphic Papers, recently gave a presentation about his new study on global cut-size markets. He discussed global market trends and how this study will help prepare market participants for the future.

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Special Market Analysis Study:

European Containerboard Conversion Study

A detailed analysis of European graphic paper machine conversion potential and impact on containerboard markets.

As the European graphic paper industry remains in a state of secular decline, many producers are continuing to struggle with overcapacity. Some mills are looking to, or have already, converted their machines to produce packaging and specialty papers. Due to its similar basis weights and high volume commodity nature, containerboard has been seen as the most typical conversion product.

RISI's new study analyzes available capacity for conversion and potential impact it would have on containerboard markets.

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Special Market Analysis Study

China Boxboard Study

China has experienced rapid capacity growth with a peak growth rate of nearly 17% in 2013. This growth will continue at 7-9% through 2015. For virgin cartonboard grades, supply surplus will reach 1 million tonnes in 2014 and will likely surpass 2 million tonnes in 2015. The nation’'s total virgin cartonboard capacity will also surpass North America'’s total capacity in 2014. For recycled boxboard, 2013 already showed the largest market imbalance in eight years.

Overall, this aggressive capacity expansion and domestic market imbalance is leading to serious trade implications. Over the next five years, the nation is expected to have a significant impact on the global boxboard export market.

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