Overheating investment activity in North American tissue business

After the Great Recession of 2009 and the recovery in 2010, North American tissue supply and demand have been well balanced, and from time to time, the business has been a seller's rather than a buyer's market.  Read more


In search of the zero fossil fuel mill

The availability of low-cost biomass at this mill was a key driver for us choosing gasification technology," says Pertti Lehmonen, Metsä Fibre's project manager. "We have a woodyard, but no bark boiler at the Joutseno mill, so we have plenty of wood residuals available."  Read more




The RISI Top 50 Power List

In this its seventh iteration, the RISI Power List welcomes a host of new names to join many familiar faces. Compared with happenings in previous years, it has been relatively quiet for the pulp and paper industry over the past 12 months. . Read more

Online Feature

Advanced flow technologies improve productivity

Selecting and installing the right technology for effective flow measurement in mill processes reduces variability enabling improvements in plant performance and productivity. . Read more