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US boxboard markets continue to face challenges in 2014

Entering 2013, the biggest question for the boxboard market was whether producers would be able to withstand the disruption on the trade front that appeared to be imminent given the looming overbuild in Chinese boxboard capacity.  Read more

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Graphic paper in the 21st century

RISI's recent seminar on the future of graphic paper highlighted that new media and print can work alongside each other for the future, and showed a more optimistic view on innovation and continual environmental awareness.

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  • Emtec Electronic to showcase testing instruments at Asian Paper Show 2014 in Bangkok, April 23-25
  • Twin Rivers Paper adds heavyweight and silicone two-sided liners to its Alliance Release portfolio

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Voith Paper CEO: Still plenty of life in paper

By Mark Rushton, Editor, Pulp & Paper International Magazine

There are challenges in being a supplier to an industry going through sea change, but there is also a clear sense of calm as the future voyage is plotted over these choppy seas - and possibly even a few big bright spots on the horizon.

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Advanced flow technologies improve productivity

Selecting and installing the right technology for effective flow measurement in mill processes reduces variability enabling improvements in plant performance and productivity. . Read more