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Working with Fastmarkets RISI

If you have an upcoming strategic initiative like due diligence, site selection, new mill or machine investment or a machine conversion, we can help.

Fastmarkets RISI economists and engineers have assisted clients on numerous projects over the last 30 years. Many projects focus on addressing the market dynamics impacting a client’s marketshare, cost sensitivity, or investments. Working with Fastmarkets RISI means your most critical decisions will be informed by industry expert analysis enhanced by the market’s leading price reporting, mill intelligence, forecasting, and cost analysis tools.

Our experts work closely with clients to scope custom consulting projects. We prepare detailed proposals at no cost for any specific projects, questions, or market research needs you have – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Projects We Help With

Examples of the types of projects we’ve helped with:

New Machine and Paper Mill Conversion Analysis

  • New Machine investment and market due diligence
  • Cost benchmarking and risk assessment of conversions
  • Assess new capacity and availability of market pulp
  • Understand your mill’s potential and/or current cost position
  • Analyze how it will change according to forecasted market conditions

Fiber Basket Analysis

  • Review markets, fiber availability and pricing
  • Changes in prices, supply and demand
  • Changes in price projections for key input variables

Market Due Diligence

  • Evaluate the outcome of special projects, M&A and capital investments
  • Assess new grades and market entry
  • Keep track of trade flows
  • Gain insight with end-user surveys

Investor Diligence & Risk Assessment

  • An integrated view of mill, fiber and market analysis
  • Market Outlook on trade Disputes
  • Special focus on risk analysis
  • Expanded and detailed look into companies and markets for future demand and valuation
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Fastmarkets RISI Analysts & Research Team

Fastmarkets RISI Economists and Analysts are stationed worldwide to offer regional insight of the markets in which you operate. Many of our experts have spent their entire career studying, analyzing and forecasting their respective markets. If your business is taking a serious look at expanding into new markets or investing in new equipment, our team can help you find answers to many of your questions.

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